Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers (and to my mama who is with my sister and her husband and kids near Dallas)! My sisters and brother and I got Mom a (surprise!) ruby red digital camera just like mine! I know she's loving it (I sent it to her before her trip so she could have it to take pictures this weekend). (After I got mine and loved it so much, I told everyone else about it so my sister got silver ones for her and her husband. My brother is considering one.)

I think it would be neat if Mom would do a blog, too. I'd love to see what she is taking pictures of. She has a bird feeder right outside her kitchen window and she sees all sorts of wonderful birds come and eat from her feeder. She wants to get pictures of them and I think it would be neat to see her pictures. Especially if she has a bunch of pictures of birds or flowers or sunsets (because they are gorgeous out there). I guess we first have to show her how to download the pictures from her camera to the computer, but we could go from there to a blog. If she does, I'll share her blog address with you so you can see her pictures, too.

Hugs to everyone who needs some on this day.

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