Monday, May 19, 2008

Friendly squirrel at Woodward Park

I seem to get more pictures of squirrels than anything else right now. This is finally the last of the pictures from when we went to Woodward Park a few weeks ago. I do try to get them on sooner, but sometimes I'm just not able to get to it. Since you missed my blogs for the past four days (due to me not blogging), I'm making up for it today!

This little one was actually somewhat friendly (but I didn't try to pet it). It was quite close to us and didn't seem disturbed (we didn't have Brownie with us, which probably renders us less harmful). In fact, it seemed as if it wanted us to give him some food, which makes me wonder if people feed the squirrels at Woodward Park. It wouldn't surprise me. I would have fed him if I had anything with me (not sure what else they eat besides nuts, though). I really like watching squirrels move--they have a wonderful gait. Would love to touch them, but value my hands too much. Plus, the threat of being bit by a rabid little creature (and having to endure painful rabies shots in the stomach, not sure how many rounds of them) is enough to make me keep my hands to myself (for now).

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