Monday, May 19, 2008

Fisher Price Radio (1971)

Here is the Fisher Price Radio I got for Mom off ebay. So far, this has been the cheapest item I've been able to get for her, coming in at $8 (with shipping). I thought that was a pretty good deal. It works great. Kind of makes me wish I had the room to collect some vintage Fisher Price toys. I'd put them in the room I do my art in (assuming it was bigger). They remind a person of fun, of good times, of being a kid. Maybe playing with them would keep me "young" and let me be in touch with my inner child, to see what other creative avenues I could tap into. A child sees everything as possibilities, but sometimes as adults, we've lost that. And in order to dream, to create, to imagine, you need to believe the possibilities are endless and that they are possible for you. I'm tapping back in to all possibilities and am believing that all things are possible for me.

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