Monday, May 19, 2008

Our 12th Anniversary

We celebrated twelve years of marriage over the weekend (the 18th). We went out to dinner and a movie (Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian which I enjoyed, but almost burst into tears at one point) and my sweet Pooker gave me a dozen roses. On our first anniversary, he gave me one red rose. On the second, two red roses, and so on until this year, I've earned the full twelve. He let me pick them out and so I got six red roses and six pinkish roses (the color of my soul!). I think he would have given me all red roses (for his great love for me), but when I got to choose, I thought the pink were really pretty. We had a hard time getting Brownie to come sit by me for the picture. She was more interested in playing (because we had just gotten home and it was time to play). Someone had to hold her tennis ball in his hand to get her attention. You can tell by her direct stare that she is just waiting for the ball to be thrown so she can run after it. I'm not even sure she blinked.

We had a really nice weekend together and I am just thankful, thankful to have my Pooker and my Buppa.

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