Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rainy Day

It is a gray, cold, rainy day. The perfect day for staying indoors. And that is what I plan on doing now that I've gotten back from taking care of the little dog I'm dog-sitting. I wanted to take him for a walk, but I couldn't on account of the steady rain. (Don't worry--he still went outside really quick to go pottie!)

On the way over to let the dog out, I saw a man walking in the street in the rain wearing a winter coat with a hood carrying a big cooler in one hand, several bags slung over his shoulders and on his back, and a large duffel type bag in the other hand. At first I thought he might have just gotten off a bus and was walking home, but he wasn't near a bus stop. Then I got to thinking that maybe he had so much stuff with him because the street is his home. And then I wondered why he didn't take shelter, at least until the rain stops. And I also wondered what his story is; how he came to be where he is at today. My heart reaches out to him.

With the little dog taken care of, I was on my way back home and was passing a cementary when I noticed a blue tent set up with those blue covered chairs inside. There was a nicely dressed man in a black double breasted coat standing there under the tent. It was 12:15 and I couldn't help but wonder how long he was going to have to be waiting there. I've really never heard of a funeral that went to the cemetary at 12:30. It made me think he was going to be standing there alone until 1:00 or so. What a dreary, even sadder day to bury someone you love. I said a prayer for the family that will have to arrive there with heavy coats and hearts and umbrellas and have such a gray day to put their loved one to rest. My heart reaches out to them.

Everything may not be going perfectly in my life, but I'm just thankful for the blessings God has given me and am thankful to have today. My heart is full.

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