Tuesday, February 12, 2008


A friend needed my help to watch her baby for a few days, so that is what I'm doing today. She is a sweet little girl, who for several reasons I call "Mini-Mar". The first is she's a mini-me of her father and the second is a short form of her name.

When I hold her and feed her, I look in her eyes and I ask her to tell me what it was like to be with Jesus because I just know she knows and I'd really like for her to describe to me what it felt like to be held close to his chest and listen to his heartbeat and feel his love. I can see in her eyes that she knows, but she's not telling. Maybe if I can catch her when she just learns to speak, but before she gets too big to forget....

She has a sweet little face and looks kind of angelic. I was sitting in my office typing yesterday, but I could see her from here sitting on the table in her little bouncy seat. She was fine and I was engrossed in my work when I heard a loud noise coming from the kitchen. I paused in my typing wondering if I'd really heard what I thought I had and sure enough, it came again and again. That little girl was ripping out farts (or barking spiders as we like to call them in my family) like a teenaged boy at a farting contest. I just sat and waited for a bit because I knew by those sounds that her diaper would need changed, but I wanted to make sure the explosion was done before I started.

Turns out this girl not only blew out her diaper, but she blew it out one leg of her diaper and had it all down her leg and on the inside of her pants! I knew that one would take a bit to clean (and it did), including a new diaper, many wipes, and a complete change of clothes (which was very tricky seeing it was covered inside with poo and I was trying not to get it on her or the couch or me). Then I had to rinse out her clothes to get the poo off. I'm not sure I like uncontained poo. Contained poo is one thing, uncontained is quite another.

I'm kind of hoping we don't have a repeat of that today. Not poo itself, mind you, which of course I want her to do. I'd just prefer she not blow out of her diaper again today. As long as I don't hear any major barking spiders, I think we'll be okay.

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