Monday, February 18, 2008

Another day with Mini-Mar

It's another day with Mini-Mar. In an effort to make sure there is no uncontained poo, I make sure to get the elastic around all the little thigh rolls and snugged up to it's proper place. I'm thinking that could be a reason it came out the leg the other time--one of the thigh rolls caught it and kept it from fitting tight. Who knows.

Why is it babies like to keep themselves from taking a little nap? They can be tired and rubbing their eyes but they make noises to keep themselves awake or start crying to wake themselves up. It's not like a baby really has any good reason to stay awake, say because they might miss something. Here, baby, let me move you from one place to another. The view really doesn't change much. Not much to miss.

If someone fed me, changed me, put me down in a warm, safe place with my pacie to take a nap, I'd sure take it. It would be nice to just eat, sleep, and be taken care of all day.

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