Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We finally got to open presents!

We did finally get to open our presents on December 27th! I was past ready (although I tried to hold it together seeing as I'm an adult and all). I was just excited to see everyone open what I'd worked so hard to pick out/make just for them! As you can see from the pictures, with so many people, it can be a madhouse. It also takes quite a while to open as we go around from person to person opening gifts. This is mainly because us girls like to watch everyone open what we worked so hard to pick out/make for everyone. That's more than half the fun!

It was a little hard because Grandad wasn't with us. I looked at Grandma when we were nearing the end of opening and she had tears in her eyes. With this being our first Christmas with Grandad in a nursing home (irreversible dementia), it was sad.

Starting new traditions isn't always easy, but it makes you appreciate what you had and what you have. It's all okay.

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