Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Christmas Morning

We all managed to get home on Christmas eve this year. (By we, I mean my sister's and their families. My brother lives near my parents, but he and his wife and son were at her parents for the first three days we were home.) With Grandma Mabel in heaven and Grandad Delvin in a nursing home, unable to be with us, it changed things and we started new traditions this year.

We were all woken up bright and early on Christmas morning by the kids, who were chomping at the bit to open their gifts. They were the only ones who got to open gifts (thus began my chomping at the bit as in years past, we opened everything on Christmas eve). All four of them were excited and their little squeals of excitement were cute to hear as they opened and found something they'd been wanting (or something they didn't know they'd been wanting).

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