Sunday, February 22, 2009

Violet Photo Shoot

I was plucking off the withered flowers from my African violets and accidentally pulled off these living flowers. I was a little miffed because they are whitish (when this plant normally grows purple and white flowers). I put the flowers on the windowsill to enjoy while I could. Then I started thinking maybe I'd better get a picture of them, so I did.

Then, I thought it would be neat to hold them and take a picture. I tried various poses and places in my hand, but thought this one turned out the best.

That led to thinking how beautiful they'd look behind Brownie's ear (she was on the couch napping and wouldn't let me put it behind her ear). So, I tucked them in the crook of her paws and took pictures.

That pretty much just left my ear to put the flowers behind, so I did. A successful photo shoot, I think! (I love having a digital camera--still hasn't gotten old after a year!)

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