Thursday, February 12, 2009

Family Rock Hunt on 12-28-08

We went out on December 28th in the afternoon for our family rock hunt. The little ones were armed with buckets. I, too, was carrying a bucket but it was water for Brownie. I had a sack tied around my belt loop for my rocks.

We had a lot of fun. So did Brownie who started enthusiastically licking Pooker. And there comes Brynn with a rock in her hand for Brownie. She thought of it herself and wanted to give it to Brownie because she liked Brownie a lot.

And Brownie was very interested in the rock and played with it, rolling it around with her front paws like she does her tennis ball.

We went to one other rock hunting location before heading home, but it was so full of stickers that I spent my time there pulling stickers out of Brownie's paws (which hurt us both). I finally picked her back up and took her to the pickup to finish picking them all out and we waited in there for everyone to finish. The little kids had their buckets full (and the mothers culled and left the majority of them there). I had quite a sackful myself. I love rock hunting!

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