Friday, October 3, 2008

Interesting things we've seen our our walks

I think these little things are neat. I love the purple stem and the bright green berries that go to a deep purple when they are ripe (whatever they are).

I'm not sure what this is, either. This is quite a closeup of it as it is actually a little larger than the size of a golfball. Their color just catches my eye and I liked how this one had the light reflecting off it.

These massive pods fall from some tree (3/4" the size of a regular banana) and these are the seeds it contains (the seeds are larger than a nickel, but smaller than a quarter). I just thought it was interesting.

I know I've shown you a picture of these grape like things when they were bright green, but here they have moved beyond bright green to what I would call the color of harvest gold (not actually the color of wheat at harvest, but what they called the color of yellow appliances, etc. they made in the 70's). They are still very eye catching when you walk past them.

I liked these little conjoined acorns, so I had to share them with you. (We have quite a few trees nearby that have acorns in them which explains why so many squirrels thrive in this area.)

Now, I'm not much of a fan of insects, but really thought this fellow's colors were amazing.

This was an egg someone had thrown in the park (definitely would not have shown it if it were the egg of some hapless bird). It's been in the sun so long it cooked what was left of the yolk inside and ants are crawling around in it getting their breakfast. A little gross, but also interesting.

I've also shown you these before, but when they were green. They've moved on to brown (these pods are not to be confused with the large pod/seeds in the picture fourth from the top--different pods altogether--evidently, we've got lots of pods as well as mushrooms).

I'm still working on my crafts and probably won't get pictures taken of them until next week, but don't worry, I'll get around to showing them to you. Please keep praying over Grandad's mind because he still seems a little fuzzy. They are going to send him to rehab soon because his body is healing extremely well and he needs to get up and around. The sooner he starts walking, the sooner he comes home. Side note: They discovered he had thrush in his throat today. They kept harping on him needing to eat, and he does need to eat, but no one thought to check for a reason he was refusing to eat. He was too fuzzy to tell them, but he wasn't eating because it hurt too much to swallow. Good lord. My Grandma is the one who figured that out. She asked him why he couldn't eat more and he said his throat hurt. They looked in it, and he had gotten thrush from the tube down his throat. It took seven days and my Grandma to figure that out? It kind of seems like they don't care too much about their patients in the hospital, just doing what they have to do and ignoring everything else. Thank God Grandma is with him.

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Mudlake Slim said...

That's some strange stuff you have growing down there. I've been seeing some big mushrooms and fungi around here that I should have taken pictures of but didn't.