Friday, October 3, 2008

Family Fun at the Fair last Saturday

I think it is safe to say we all love a good Fair! We grew up going to the small, local Fair so it is very exciting to go to a fairly large Fair!

I just caught the last couple of rides because Pooker, Mom, and I hadn't quite finished eating before they left to go ride (and you can imagine how important food is at the Fair--one of the main attractions for us). Then, we finished our search for the Watkins Vanilla man before we looked for them "beside the carousel." We could not find them. Wouldn't you know they'd have TWO carousels and sure enough, they were by the second one. They liked riding this slide so much, they went on it twice.

After extensive walking through all the main buildings (and finding the Watkins Vanilla man for my Vanilla roll-on cologne and seeing the man at the toe ring tent for my annual fitted toe ring), we ended up with enough time to eat a few last items and catch an act, which we enjoyed.

It was a fast, quick trip around the Fair, which is why Pooker and I will be going back tomorrow. I saw some seals I hope to get a picture of, not to mention the animals in the petting zoo, getting some fudge for Mom because she didn't have time to get any, getting some Daddy Hinkle's meat marinade, and I'd like a closer look at all the fine art exhibits. (Not to mention one last taste of Fair food for another year--YUM!)

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