Sunday, October 12, 2008

Geese in my barren park

These geese (and many more than I've shown here) have lived in my barren park all summer. When Buppa and I go to walk down by the river, we walk along the edge of this park to reach it. I've been dodging poo from these geese for months. It is all over the place and all shades of green--from sage to forrest. While I like watching the geese, I do not like dodging the poo.

We just got done with having a booth at the Indie Emporium. I'll post about that later when I've recovered a little more. I'm a little behind from working so hard on all the crafts, which I have taken pictures of but have yet to download off my camera along with our second trip to the Fair, a birthday party for my niece and nephews, Indie, and lots more nature shots I've taken on our walks.

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