Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Brownie likes eating pears!

About a month and a half ago, our neighbor gave us a bag of pears that he had picked off the pear tree in his back yard. I was outside, so Pooker brought the bag to me to show me. Brownie crowded around our legs because she wanted to see what was in the bag. Pooker put it down lower so she could see in it and she got really excited. She thought it was a bag filled with balls for her! He had given us so many I thought it couldn't hurt to let her have one of them, so we gave her the whole pear. She carried it around and played with it a while, rolling around with it and tossing it a little bit. She was picking it up to move it and her teeth bit into it. She kind of stopped and tilted her head like "What was that?" She sat down and took it between her two front paws and tried biting into it again. She must have liked it because she started taking bites out of it and eating it (except every once in a while, she'd spit some of the skin out). She ate all but a small piece of that pear and she really enjoyed it. For the next several days, whenever I'd eat a pear she would want some of it. I'd cut her off a slice and hand it to her and keep giving her slices until she stopped asking for more. I figured if she wants to eat fruit, I'll let her eat as much of it as she wants!

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