Friday, March 14, 2008

Our morning walk

What a beautiful morning for a walk! The air was a little cool, despite the warmth of the sun, and it felt good. We saw lots of squirrels this morning. When Brownie sees them, she kind of starts what I call a "sneaking" type of walk. I don't know how she figures she is going to be in stealth mode with me tromping along attached to her, but there you have it. This one heard us coming (of course) and ran up a tree to peer down at us.

I just thought the hill reflected in the water was pretty. A train did go by on the ledge across the river, but I didn't include a picture of that. Or of the robin that I tried to catch a good picture of. Or of a white bird sitting out in the middle of the water that took off right when I snapped the picture. Or of the pigeons we saw. We actually saw a lot of wildlife today, which was nice.

Our walk was really refreshing. We both needed it. I know it was a good one when we get home and Brownie is smiling and her eyes are sparkling.

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