Sunday, March 2, 2008

Orange Gerber Daisies

My cousin gave me this beautiful orange gerber daisy (the whole plant, not just this one flower). She said when her grandmother had passed away, it was a week before her birthday and she knew how tough it was and she wanted to give me this plant to let me know she loves me and that I'm not alone. I've already got it potted and sitting near the window with my violets in them (the daisy wants bright, indirect sunlight).

While we were home, my sister and I were able to go with my Mom to Grandma's house and help write thank-you's. That was truly a chore as so many people did so much for our family. We were just so glad we were able to be there to help her do things like that and anything else we could to try to make it easier for her.

I do have to say that Grandma's house, even though everything was still in it, really felt empty. That was the one thing that struck me the most while we were there. That really made me sad, but how can I stay sad for a 90-year-old woman who was so ready to go home? She would want me (us) to live. I think the house is going to be sold, so there will be a lot more work involved with that down the road. That's a little sad, too, but it is a part of the circle of life and it is okay.

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