Sunday, March 2, 2008

Brownie and the Cows

Brownie just loves being on the farm. She pretty much stands at the door and waits for us to come out and walk around with her (what fun is it to explore by yourself?). I usually try going on a nice walk with her in the morning and again in the evening (to catch the sunsets) and maybe play a little throughout the day when I can.

We were standing out by the barn and a big dirt pile that the kids were playing on, when I glanced over at Bippa and saw her sniffing the cows. Then I looked a little closer and noticed she was licking their runny noses (which is a little gross) and they were really wanting to lick her, too. I thought what the hey and let her, but I did pray that she wouldn't pick up any yucky bacteria or viruses to bring home with her.

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