Wednesday, July 7, 2010

View of the river and new fiscal year

And here is the actual view of the river on the day I took the picture of the mushrooms. It is really nice to see the river full as much of the year it is sadly lacking. I think it is because there is a dam somewhere up the river and they only let out the overflow and if there isn't any overflow, then we have more like a stream than a river.

Incidentally, the city's mowing budget was available again starting July 1st and the park near our house got mowed on July 1st and the trail by the river got mowed on July 2nd. At least they didn't waste any time starting to mow again. I'd say no grass grew under their feet, but since they didn't plan well enough to be able to mow it the last two months of their fiscal year, I'd say they better have been out there soon after July 1st because they had the whole two months to think about it and plan for it.

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