Monday, July 19, 2010

Hot, Hot Summer Days

It has been horribly hot lately. You'd think with all the rain we had a week ago that it wouldn't be so hot. Instead, that just added an extra mugginess to the humidity we normally have and you've got so hot that even your wrists (and the top of your hands) sweat when you step outside. We've had temperatures around 100 degrees (or over) for the past four or five days. I don't know how long this heat wave will be, but am now kind of wanting it to rain again to get some relief.

This is what Brownie and I do to cool off a little. She loves playing in the sprinkler (especially if someone is watching as she'll look over her shoulder to make sure you are still there). She likes the motion of it and how the water squirts out and she wants to "bite" it and she'll do it over and over. In the early summer, she'd be right out and up at the sprinkler, but with it being so hot now she'll just stand under the trampoline and let the water come to her! Every so often, she'll want her head wiped off with the towel and I'll towel her head off. We haven't been staying out to play too long and I almost just don't come out from under the umbrella on my patio table or the canopy of the porch swing. My internal temperature runs pretty hot, so too much of this type of heat is more than I can handle. I'd normally sit here and work on some crafts, but it is too hot to even do that outside. Paper and canvas don't hold up well under this kind of heat. I took 4 showers yesterday because I was so hot and sweaty. That was at least two too many, but it had to be done. Stay cool this summer, peeps!

On a side note, for those of you who notice I've mainly been posting during the week and not on the weekends, it is because Pooker has monopolized this computer during the weekends and I couldn't get on to post on my blog. Yes, he got me my own computer but I haven't got all the programs on it yet that this one has, hence my adobe photoshop is on this one and therefore any pictures that I want to post. So until I can get around and do that, postings on weekends may be pretty sparse.

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