Friday, July 2, 2010

Family Rock Hunt 6-10-10

My family enjoys a good rock hunt. Grandma would take Dad out rock hunting when he was little and he loved it and now he takes us out rock hunting. We'll all load up and Dad will drive us to different places and we will get out and hunt rocks. We are near several creeks and we know the Native Americans once lived on our land. Dad has found several intact arrowheads, but so far I've mainly found flint and some rocks that were in the process of being made into arrowheads. To find an actual arrowhead is my Holy Grail. Of course, those aren't the only rocks we are looking for. Dad likes interesting and unusual rocks as well. So does Mom. I don't know what kind of rocks the kids are looking for, but we all end up with rocks in our bags that mean something to each of us. We don't get to go rock hunting together very often, but when we do, I add it to the list of memories that I treasure.

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