Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brownie loved her new soccer ball

This little girl loves balls. Nothing thrills her more than a ball. We were in the store a few weeks ago and I wanted to get a new one for her and I didn't want to spend too much because all her balls end up being torn apart. I don't have a problem with that as toys are meant to be played with and enjoyed (and boy, does she!). We ended up with this soccer ball. When we came home with it, Pooker got down on her level and told her he had something for her. She was so excited to see what he pulled out of the sack and when she saw it was a new ball, she put her paw out to pat it. He opened the package for her and she was off and playing with her new ball. Pooker opened the door so she could take it outside (because we were coming out to sit and relax) and she growled at him. She didn't want him taking the ball away from her (he was trying to get it from her to take outside). I told Pooker that she'd bring it outside whenever she was ready. A few minutes later, she trots outside with it. When she wasn't playing with it and rolling it around, she was sitting in the shade panting with one paw on the top of the ball. It was pretty cute. She was so happy to have it. She ended up chewing it up, probably within three hours, but oh, how glorious those three hours were!

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