Monday, July 19, 2010

Hi There, Turtle!

I like it when we come across turtles in our path. Brownie gives 'em a good once over as well. This way, they are close enough to get really good pictures of.

I had a wistful fleeting wish for a good zoom as when we went over this little bridge this morning. There were turtles down below sunning themselves on the rocks that stick up above the water. There was a little tiny one on a rock by itself, then there were three turtles in a row on another rock nearby. The three in a row looked like the first one had crawled up the rock and was nosed from behind to go up a little higher, then the third one came behind the second and nosed him and he nosed the first and they crawled up a little higher to let the third one on the rock. Too cute.

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