Friday, July 16, 2010

Found a Lost Debit Card

We were having our usual walk this morning. Each morning, we can either head north or south. We chose north today and were walking down towards this little lookout point that we use to walk up and through and turn back towards the way we came. Brownie frequently stops and takes in all the smells. She stopped at what I call a point of interest (a little area, right off the path, that is bordered by rocks and flowers and may or may not contain benches and chairs although this one had chairs) and was sniffing around. I caught sight of something in the tall grass (the grass is getting pretty tall again due to all the rain) behind one of the chairs out of the corner of my eye and thought I'd better check it out. It turned out to be someone's debit card. There wasn't anything else in the grass around it, so my assumption was it must have fallen out of someone's pocket or purse when they stopped to rest. This is not one of those things that you can just ignore and leave because I sure wouldn't want my debit card falling into the wrong hands, so I picked it up. We went ahead and turned around there and headed back instead of going further. I decided I'd take it back to the bank that issued the debit card in the hopes they could get it back to Melissa or at least let her know they had it so she wouldn't have to worry (or cancel that one or order a new one).

I dropped Brownie off at home and went to run a few errands, plus stopping by the bank. I get to the bank and there is one teller and she is helping a guy in the business lane. I pull in and sit there and wait for her to have time so I could explain what I had found and where. She sees me sitting there and says, "Yes?" and I start to say "I found this debit card on my walk this morning..." and she interrupts and says "Huh?" I look at her and she isn't even looking at me, she is busy with her hands trying to finish up the guy at the window. I said, "I really need to talk to you" and she said, "I'm listening" in the same tone you'd say duh, but she still wasn't looking at me and wasn't hearing me. I told her, "Go ahead and finish up with him." She kind of huffed and rolled her eyes, but finished with him and then finally looked at me. Once again, I explained I had found a debit card while walking down by the trail, where I had found it, and that I hoped she could inform Melissa so she wouldn't have worry about it. She didn't say anything as I put the debit card into the round thing and poked the button to send it to her. As I was preparing to drive away she said "Thanks" in this tone of voice that was so insincere and I left wondering if Melissa would really get notified that her debit card was there or even if this teller would note it in her account that her debit card was turned in. I just don't know.

It's no wonder people don't go out of their way to try to help anyone else out anymore. It's not like I was wanting a pat on the back, but a teller that so obviously just didn't care leaves this good samaritan wondering if turning it in did any good at all. The only thing that makes me feel better is knowing it isn't out there falling into someone's hands who would drain her account, etc. But we all know what a hassle it is to close an account and open a new one and wait for a new card in the mail (usually takes over a week or two), so I really hope the teller is able to do something to notify her. I just don't know. I hope Melissa hasn't been a victim of foul play because my prints are now all over that card and I really don't want my good deed to turn into something else just because I tried to do the right thing. Hmmm, this is where my mind indeed has the writer's bent.....

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