Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Grandad's Boots

Grandma has been slowly cleaning out Grandad's clothes and giving them to whoever can fit them and the things that were left came to me for my garage sale. These were Grandad's work boots and when I saw them, it made me a little sad because I won't be seeing him in his boots anymore. I don't mind selling the clothes and other knick knacks because I love seeing an actual person buying something that was my Grandad's and it going on to have a second life. What I can't stand is the thought of it going to goodwill and having whoever gets it be nameless and faceless (or even worse, having it just be thrown away).

At my great-uncle's funeral, I got through it all okay (mainly because I couldn't see my relatives faces and didn't see them crying), but what made me want to lose it was seeing Calvin's empty dress boots sitting there on a stand on the tier above his casket right beside this wonderful picture of him with a twinkle in his eye. I wanted to cry because both sets of boots are empty now. His departure all happened so fast, almost too fast for me to process that he was here and now he is not, so I'm sure over the next weeks and months I may find myself leaking tears.

I'm also kind of wondering where those empty boots will end up. Even though these are a little too big for him, Pooker took them in so he can have a pair of work boots. I don't think Pooker knows I also have one of Grandad's old cowboy hats, so maybe I'll see if Pooker could use that, too.

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