Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tree roots exposed

Okay, peeps, I'm back now! No, I haven't finished the painting yet, but am still working on it. I had to tell my mama I couldn't make the deadline, but should definitely have it done in the next week or so to send home with whoever is going home next. It's coming along really nicely.
Due to the large amounts of rain we've had in the past couple of months, a section of the trails we used to walk by the river has washed away. This shows you just how much soil has fallen off and that is just this year. It is really kind of sad to me. Plus, they've never really gotten all the branches off the paths from the bad ice storm over the winter, then again this past month when a storm came through with winds from 60 to 80 mph. Some sections, we have to jump, duck, or weave our way through. But nothing will stop us from our walk, our explorations. We will perservere!

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