Saturday, July 12, 2008

Life "At the Movies"

We sometimes attend Life because we enjoy it, but we especially love going there during the month of July as the whole month is like being "at the movies." The theme this year is Indiana Jones and, as usual, the lobby is spectacular!

There is the massive boulder that chases Indie. (The entrance below the boulder is where we come in at, complete with spiderwebs and spiders (not real).)

Here's a beautiful waterfall in the jungle.

I don't know if you can tell or not, but from between the teeth of this skull, smoke is coming out.

Back against the wall rests the Ark of the Covenant amidst boxes labeled "Top Secret."

Against the back wall above the doorway is the track from in the coal mine with the little kid who screams "Indie" as his cart races through the mine. Underneath where you see the striped awning is where they sell the refreshments. I like to think of it as going to the souk. You get a drink, popcorn, and candy for $1 and then you take it in with you and eat it while "watching the movie." What fun! The bags of popcorn even come complete with gummy scorpions (of which, Pooker lets me have his so I can have two scorpions to eat).

The "movie" we watch is basically clips from whatever movie Pastor Craig is intertwining with a message from the scriptures. Last week it was "The Pursuit of Happiness" and this week it was "We are Marshall." I really enjoy sitting in church eating and drinking and being merry. I think that is how it should be!

For you all who are interested in "going to church" online (or you don't have a Life in your area and want to know what it's all about or you just can't get enough church), you can find them on the internet at Oh, before you get all excited and want to check it out, I should tell you that this month is the only month they don't have the live sermons online. "At the Movies" is only shown at the many campuses (they have "campuses" all over and you have live praise and worship, but you watch the sermon being preached on large screens as Pastor Craig lives in Oklahoma City and preaches from there) of Life But I hope my pictures give you a good idea of what you are missing (and if you have to, go ahead and sneak popcorn and candy and coke into church with you the next time you go!).

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