Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beautiful butterfly

We've seen quite a few butterflies on our walks lately, all shapes and colors. You are probably wondering why you haven't seen me post many birds or butterflies (basically fast moving things) and it is because I can't whip out my camera and catch them very easily. But this butterfly was stretched out on a leaf and didn't move when we came up to investigate.

This fellow looks a little bunged up by life. The top part of his right wing is faded. He's missing the ends of a couple of wings and his color is patchy in places. So he stretched out on a leaf and was taking a break, resting and renewing before getting on with his life.

To me, butteflies have always represented hope. That God sees and cares. So we get a little bunged up by life. If we just stop and rest in Him and are renewed, then we have the courage and strength we need to keep on going. To believe that what He has promised, he is able to do. To believe that all things truly are possible. To live, to fly, to laugh, to love, to let go and just be.

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