Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What in the heck?

I bought a new bra last week. I get it out and put it on on Sunday and I feel something in the fabric. I thought, "What the heck is that?" I took it off and was feeling it to see what was going on and I felt what seemed to be a rubber band.

You can see the twisted thing in the picture above. I have never had anything like that happen EVER. I had torn all the tags off and thrown them away several days earlier, so returning it wasn't an option (never mind the fact that they only seem to carry one bra in my size at a time in the brand I like). I decided I'd have to go in with the precision of an excellent plastic surgeon and try to get it out (in a place that wasn't going to be too obvious, yet couldn't be anywhere next to my skin as the feel of "stitches" wasn't going to be something I could comfortably live with).

So, I make the cut in what I thought would be an unobstrustive place and work it over there and start to pull it out the hole. It was about that time I realized that not only was it in between the two pieces of fabric, but it was ATTACHED nearer the bottom of the cup. I then had to make a second small incision (as if making one incision wasn't bad enough) and pull it out as far as I could get it. I snipped it off as close as I could and then felt to make sure there weren't two little tails hanging up to irritate me.

There weren't, so I went ahead and carefully closed up the holes. I would have taken a picture of my small, neat stitches, but my camera battery decided it didn't want to take any more pictures. You'll have to take my word for it that I closed it up neatly, albeit noticeably. There was just no help for it.

I went back into the store today for another bra (because that store gives "cash back" every so often for every so much spent, the catch being you have to remember to spend it at some point in the future between certain dates--I don't forget these type of things). You'd better believe I felt that bra up and down and sideways before I bought it.

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