Thursday, August 19, 2010

A little bumblebee

I like the cute fuzziness of the bumblebee (as opposed to the hard sleekness of the wasps and hornets). Plus, this fellow didn't seem to mind me (and that is the quality I look for when taking pictures of living, moving things).

It did finally rain two days ago and cooled us off quite a bit. We are in the low 90's today and I am loving it. It is forecasted to go back up this weekend and I really kind of hope it doesn't. Pooker and my sister are running in the Mud Run on Saturday (which is exactly what it sounds like--a one and a half mile course with at least four mud obstacles to get through before crossing the finish line). Why didn't I want to run in the mud run? I don't want mud on me or in any of my orifices. Plus, it just doesn't sound like any fun. I will be taking pictures of team Dirty Deeds and will enjoy watching them struggle through the obstacles, er... I mean enjoy themselves running through the mud.

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