Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New series of paintings titled "Love"

These paintings are partly the reason I've left you hanging for a few days! I've started painting again (Thank God!) because I need to paint to be alive. We've really focused these past 7 months on building up our paper goods (cards, tags, etc.) and other things and I couldn't do both. Now that we've got that built up, I can go back to painting AND still do paper goods (I have my tables set up very carefully and I paint as many as I can and leave them to dry and work on paper goods (being careful to keep the paper out of the wet paint).) These are from my new Love series.

Love 1, 4x5, 8/4/10

Love 3, 4x5, 8/4/10

Love 4, 4x5, 8/4/10

Yes, Love 2 is missing. I had a few touchups to make to it (I have to be satisfied with it before I call it done) so it will be included in the next batch. I posted these on Etsy yesterday and Love 1 sold within a few hours of posting! I was very excited about that as it was actually my first painting sale on Etsy. (Not my first painting sale, period. Thankfully, had that first several years ago!)

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