Monday, April 13, 2009

We discovered an old dump site

Bip and I walked somewhere we'd never gone before (still by the river) and discovered a place people had used as a dump. I think it must have been early 80's and before from some of the stuff we were seeing there and the fact that a lot of dirt is over the top of most of the stuff. Could have been earlier than that. Why you'd want to dump your stuff near a river is beyond me, but we sure checked it out.

This office chair is a little creepy (no, this isn't the wheelchair yet). This was a little behind where we were in the first picture. If this little "dump" weren't so close to the trail, I would have been a little more creeped out by the office chair in the woods by itself, waiting to be sat in which will probably never happen again.

This is heading back up to the trail from the "dump." I liked these twisting, curling vines with a bit of greenery and wanted to show them to you.

A bit of bad news about our trail--they are "closing" it for who knows how long to make renovations to it (alledgedly a bike trail and a jogging trail side by side). I sure hope it doesn't take them as long as it does when they work on the streets. Again, I have no idea why they would have to close a two mile stretch at one time. I'd think a mile at a time would be enough to work on at once. I don't like being displaced and I wonder what all the other regulars are going to do in the meantime. Aaarggghhh. Well, it hasn't closed yet, so we'll continue our walks by the river as long as we can.

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