Thursday, April 16, 2009

Family walk on Turkey Mountain and a creepy old wheelchair

We went for a nice family walk on Turkey Mountain. It's always fun to go there and walk, but sometimes it can get crowded on the trails with people, people and their dogs, mountain bikers, and horses.

We went down a trail kind of off the beaten path and ran across this creepy wheelchair in what felt like still air (no movement, no sounds). What's really creepy (besides the wheelchair from the 70's) is that it is in this "circle" of tree limbs/trees. Where I'm taking the picture of is from the only opening into the circle. There was no way I was stepping into the circle, but I did zoom in a little closer on the wheelchair to give you a better look at it. We did not continue on this path, but turned around and went the other way. We had a very nice walk, but could have done so WITHOUT creepy wheelchairs and the pictures to prove it. (Ditto for any lone chairs in any woods. How did they get there and most importantly WHY are they even out there in the first place.)

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