Saturday, April 25, 2009

Unexpected Project and Garage Sale

Sorry, peeps, that I've been unable to post this week. I thought I'd better let you know what's going on so you know I'm okay! I've just had several projects this week (including an unexpected one from a friend who needed my help with some errands/packets of info/goodie bags), so that took some of my focus as she needed part of it ASAP.

The rest of my focus has went into a garage sale that my cousin and I are having today! Those are a lot of work, but the reward of getting free of a bunch of junk (and getting paid for it) is a beautiful thing! I'll let you know how it goes. It is 4:45 am and I'm awake and need to start getting ready. We've got to try to get set up by 7:30 am because you want to be ready for those people who come early and we'd like them to see what we have rather than just a bunch of un-opened boxes!!! (I'm taking the last of 3 full vehicle loads over there with me.) (Yes, I've had all that extra in my garage for more than a year!)

Gotta go!

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