Friday, April 4, 2008

A pillow, a rust colored bird, a crane, and a ferret

We had a nice walk this morning. Pooker couldn't join us, so it was just us girls. I didn't take my camera with me because there was a chance of rain (and God forbid my precious would get wet and not work anymore).

We ran across what I at first thought was a white garbage bag. I was still staring at it when Bup kind of lifted one leg up and scooted her body partially over it to mark it really well. It was then I realized it was somebody's pillow. I kind of laughed to myself thinking you should be careful where you leave your pillow. You never know what might happen to it.

I saw a beautiful rust colored bird on the trail (again, no camera). Would love to have a picture of him, too! And in the middle of an apartment complex we walk by, in the water were some geese and a crane!!! So now, I need pictures of the rust colored bird, the red bird, the crane, and Jesus. All so elusive.

While I was out running my errands, I stopped into a store for Brownie food and my attention was immediately snagged by movement in a cage. I got closer and realized the little animal was in a swing. He was flopping around, then his little tail hung off the edge and he was belly up with his cute little pink paws in the air. I am really fascinated by movement, so I got closer and stood on tiptoe to watch the little ferret swing. Then he got out of his swing and started rooting around in his bedding, pushing it with his head. I gradually became aware I had a huge smile on my face as I stood there with my face close to the glass, watching to see what he'd do next.

I really love watching animals. I see the heart of God, a God who cares, who thought of all these creatures and made them so wonderfully. It is both fascinating and amazing.

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