Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On our walk yesterday morning

Buppa and I went for our walk yesterday morning. It was slightly overcast and was misting a little bit. I love to walk in the rain and feel the little drops kissing my face. I end up feeling cleansed and renewed.

I thought the river looked really pretty with the mist hanging over it. When we walk the trails, we are mainly walking around just above the water. I love the sound of water running (even the drip of a faucet, and especially the tick of a clock). I guess I enjoy seeing things and hearing things and touching things and tasting things (nothing icky). Maybe by involving my senses, it really involves me in life, in the now of things. And when you think about it, all we really have is now. We can't live in the past (or shouldn't) or in the future (again, shouldn't). So, that leaves now; lovely now.

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