Sunday, March 29, 2009

We got copious rain and big fat snow

We got at least six inches of rain (probably more), then the next morning it turned into big fat snow. It snowed all day yesterday and we ended up with at least three inches of snow. It turned our yard into one big mess. Brownie sure enjoys playing in it, though. She loves to bury her ball in it and "find" it by pouncing on it and dragging it through the snow. (I love watching her play in her pretty pink jacket.)

My parents (I should say our because I do share my parents with my siblings and this does involve the area where they and the majority of my aunts and uncles live) got 24 inches of snow and were without electricity for three days. This may not seem long to some, but when you are in the country country it's a long time to be without. Especially since without electricity, you can't flush your toilets or take showers or anything else. As for food? Whatever you've got in the house. They just got their electricity back on at 6:30 tonight, but they are still not able to get out to get hay to all their cattle despite their best efforts to get around. And that was WITH the sun shining today and it melting. Guess it takes 24 inches a few days longer to melt than it does four. Not fun, not fun, whether you live in the city or the country.

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