Friday, March 6, 2009

Recent Update on Grandad and our Etsy store

I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately. I have lots to share with you and my pictures sit on my computer waiting for me to get around to posting them. I've been working really hard to get the things I have on our Etsy store and as of yesterday evening, we are up to 96 items for sale (although I hope it doesn't remain at 96 for long!). I had a bookmark sale earlier this week (thank you, Sharon!), so that bring us up to 9 items sold. It is really rewarding and I enjoy it, but it does take time and effort to get everything on. I'm just believing our time and effort will pay off in lots of people finding just what they want/need in our store and that translates to lots of sales. I don't know about anyone else, but I've got several loans to pay off and I'd love to be able to get those out of my hair.

As for Grandad, he wasn't eating or drinking or going to the bathroom (sorry if that is T.M.I.), so they sent him to the hospital. They discovered he had a kidney infection and an MRI showed a pocket of blood in his brain (from falling and hitting his head really hard in the past month) that is pushing on his brain stem (which is the part that controls swallowing, breathing, etc.). The doctor said they could probably find someone to operate on him and drill a hole in his head and drain the fluid, but it probably wouldn't improve his life any (other than he may be able to swallow and breathe easier). Since it was the anesthesia from surgery six months ago that hastened the dementia (in my opinion) and considering his great lack of any quality in his life, it would be pretty cruel to put him back on the operating table where he may not make it out of surgery or where it would just extend his poor quality of life for a bit longer. The doctor thought he could go at any time over the next two weeks. This whole situation has just really been horrible, which is why you can understand that I just want my Grandad's suffering to end. It's because I love him so much that I can let him go on to wait for me (and attend that massive party being prepared in honor of his Homecoming).

I'm just trying to get everything done that I need to, which includes trying to get to my part-time job work, bathing Brownie (which I already did this morning), cleaning my house, and tying up my odds and ends (I can only have so many things hanging over my head uncompleted at any given time since I like completion.). If any of you are moved to pray, please just pray for peace and comfort over Grandad and God's will to be done and that during this we (the family and most especially Grandma and my Dad) are comforted and at peace and that we are given a peek into Heaven. The peeking is per my request as we would like to know what is going on those last hours, those last minutes. Will try to keep you updated so you'll know what is going on and forgive me if I'm not able to post as much as I would like to.

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