Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kayaker on the River

Brownie and I were taking our usual walk when this guy in a pickup pulled into the parking lot and backed into a space facing the river. He got out and he had on those hip waders (that are attached to the rubber boots). We watched him open his tailgate and pull out this tiny, lightweight kayak and paddle and put them in the grass. He went back around to the cab of his truck and pulled out a large cooler. He looked up and saw us staring (but we quickly looked away), then went and put his cooler in his kayak. He closed up his truck then proceeded to drag his little kayak (and cooler) down the steep incline from the parking lot to the bank of the river. We tried to casually get closer to watch him get in and shove off, but he looked back up at us (probably wondering why we were so interested) (it's because we're the curious sort). We continued on our walk and when we saw him in the river, I took this picture to show you.

Again, I'm sad about the lack of a really good zoom (this IS zooming as far in as I could) (I'm guessing a telephoto lens would be good for me as when I'm zooming, I want to see the expression on someone's face be it person or seagull or blackhawk chopper or egret) (close enough to be a little invasive). Anyway, here is the kayaker we saw on our walk, out for a day on what little river there still is at the moment.

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