Friday, March 27, 2009

Vintage Patterns

These patterns are just a few of the items I've been working so diligently to get in our Etsy store. I came back from the funeral with a big bag of patterns Nee had cleaned out of the drawers in Mom's sewing room (although to call it a sewing room is a stretch due to the fact that I have her sewing machine and it also contains the washer and dryer). They have been lots of fun to look through and I'll eventually get them all on, but it just takes a while to do it. I'd rather just do two or three here and there and work my way through it that way (not so overwhelming).

I've talked to Mom today and she said they lost their electricity this morning (due to the high winds and ice). When I talked to her this evening, they'd just gotten their electricity back on. During the course of our conversation, they lost it again. She said they've gotten 9 inches of snow and it is still falling (alledgedly will keep snowing through noon tomorrow). Crazy. We've probably gotten that many inches of rain between yesterday and today with the chance of snow in the morning. I hope that doesn't happen as I have things to do that involve actually leaving my house to do them (one of which involves letting a dog (not mine) out to potty in the evening). Mom was sad they didn't have electricity (for obvious reasons) but also because she can't get on the computer to see if she has any new friends on Facebook. She just got on there this week and she's been adding friends like crazy. Yesterday it was 20 friends, who knows how many more today? (I haven't checked mine today, either, so I couldn't tell her if she had any new friends or not.)

Well, I'm getting sleepy so better stop. You know how I get when I get too tired. I know I start to slur my words in person, but don't want to take a chance that I'll start slurring my typed wooorrrths. Oops. May be too late.

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