Thursday, January 31, 2008

It snowed today!

It snowed today, but thankfully it wasn't like the horrible ice storm we had here in December that left over 250,000 people without power (most of them for ten days).

Instead, it was a beautiful fall of big fat flakes. I could even enjoy it simply because it hasn't been sticking to the cement or pavement and making the roads icy (at least in my neck of the city). And the temperature is supposed to be above freezing tomorrow so it should all melt away. That kind of snow, I can enjoy.

As you can tell, Brownie loves it, too. She loves to scoot her ball around in it, letting it get buried under the snow, then pouncing on it and "finding" it. When we come in after she's done, then she waits for me to dry her off. While I'm getting the towel, she will come and rub her head on my pants to get the moisture off her head. When I finally get the towel on her back, she wriggles around and tries to help me dry her off. She's funny.

Now, we're just sitting here waiting for DaDa (pronounced "duh-duh) to come home. When we hear the garage door open, she runs and sits in front of the door to wait for him to come inside. If I'm not right there with her, she comes running to find me so I can come and greet him, too. When he opens the door, she wags her entire back half so hard that her tail is hitting the wall and the door. She is just so excited to see him. He will kneel down so she can put her paws on his shoulders and then she gives him "kisses" to let him know how much she missed him.

As soon as she's done with the greeting, she'll run to the back door and wait for us to come outside with her. If we aren't fast enough, she'll come running back around to find us to make sure we are still coming. We'll throw her ball a little bit and she'll run around the yard, then we'll come back in and just spend time together (usually in the same five foot of space). Besides her walks, I think this is her favorite time of the day.

I hear the garage door now, so I've got to get to my post.

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