Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Sweet Brownie Girl

Thanks for bearing with me on the last post. Thought I'd go in and give you a picture I took today with my new digital camera (which is actually my very first digital camera). I'm very excited about it.

I ordered it off the HP website on Sunday. They shipped it to me on Monday and I got it today. I chose standard service (delivery in 5-7 business days) because I wasn't going to pay $15 extra to have it in two days and here it is!!! I am definitely going to their website and giving them five stars!

I know Brownie doesn't look too enthused, but I don't think she cared that I was taking her picture. She was focused on listening to some kids play on the playground at the apartments behind us and didn't really want to take her focus off that and smile for the camera. (Really, she is a sweet and friendly dog! She loves people. She loves to snuggle and give kisses. I could go on and on....)

This camera is a blessing because in pursuing my painting, I will now be able to take my own photos that I can paint from. The problem with regular film is that sometimes you are paying $7 to develop a roll of 27 pictures and maybe only half (if that) are any good. With digital, voila and the picture is ready for you to do with as you will. I can even crop in camera and change a color picture I just took to sepia tones or black and white. I am thrilled!

My camera is cute and tiny and light blue (not my first color choice, but I definitely wanted some color). I've already taken 23 pictues (all of Brownie and/or Brownie and I). I think I've probably also already deleted at least half that as well. This camera is simple and easy to use. It didn't cost too much and it came with its own battery charger. (I sound like an ad, don't I?)

There you have it. My first digital camera and you got to share in my excitement.

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