Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cycles of Life

I've just been reflecting on the cycle of life. My grandma has been in the hospital the past three weeks and her sons and daughters (which includes my Mom) have been taking turns staying with her so she has never been there alone.

As a daughter myself, I ache for my Mom and aunts and uncles trying to balance their lives (and their children and grand-children) to take care of their Mom. I've cried and prayed because I'm not ready to lose my grandma, not ready for another loss. I can't even imagine losing my Mom (or Dad) and I know I have a lot to be thankful for because so many have reached my age and haven't had their grandparents around for years.

It is hard to face loss. It is like a part of our heart goes with them and we leave bits of ourselves scattered here and there with each loss we have had in our lives. Their places can't be filled by anyone else.

The bottom line is we are sad for us; for not having them around any longer. We can't pick up the phone and call anymore. We can't write them one last letter or give them one more hug. But from their perspective? To get to be in heaven with Jesus? To have a homecoming with their loved ones who have been waiting for their arrival? What joy! It is not that we will never see them again because we will. They will be among the loved ones waiting for our arrival.

I don't know what God plans for grandma--whether she has ten more years or whether she only has ten more days. I continue to pray for her healing and for the strength and grace on my family who are caring for her. But I know that either way, it will be okay.

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