Friday, June 18, 2010

Upside Down

We saw this on one of our walks a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was kind of funny. (Not that some child has lost their toy, but that the toy is hanging on this uprooted tree watching the world go by from upside down!)

Since then, they HAVE came through and taken out all the uprooted trees that are right by the path and have gotten it cleaned up some from the tornado. They haven't touched the trees that are farther off the path and closer to the river, but I figure at least getting these cleaned up closer to the path was a good thing. Considering how long they've taken to get other projects done, that was relatively quick.

Brownie and I went home for a few days at the end of last week (since our Pooker was in Chicago) and when we got back, I noticed that someone had done something to the grass that had been around 12 inches tall by the trails (remember I mentioned they have been out of money to mow the city since the beginning of May and won't have it until July 1st which is the start of the new fiscal year). It looked like someone had whacked at all of it with a weed eater. It wasn't the neatly uniform look as if it had been mowed with a mower, but it had that whacked out look as if someone had hacked at it with a weed eater. Still, haphazard hacking was better than tall grass (that could hide snakes and who knows what else). I just found it funny and wondered what good samaritan had come through with their weed wacker....

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