Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The butterflies are out!

The butterflies are out! I love to watch them flitting around. They make me smile. I haven't shown you more of them as they are elusive and hard for me to catch with my camera. Remember when I told you I basically have to have animals pose for me in order to catch them? Well, this fellow did just that. Brownie and I walked right by the leaf he was on and he just ignored us. I figured if he didn't care if we were there or not, maybe I had time to whip out my camera and take some pictures of him. He didn't seem to mind at all. I like how the outside of his wings has orange spots as well as the white ones (and it seems to me like a touch of blue on the end of his wings). If I can get more butterflies to pose for me, then I'll be showing you more! (It all has to do with pushing the button on my camera to take the picture and having the two second delay before the picture is actually snapped. A lot can happen in two seconds, including the butterfly flying out of the picture!)

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