Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tiptoeing through the Tulips

And here are the flowers at home during the day so you can actually see some of the brilliant colors!! I love the rich purple of this one and how the middle of it seems to be glowing.

What more can I say about the Indian Paintbrush flower? It is so brilliant and to see a field blanketed in these is quite stunning.

Here's Brownie tiptoeing through the tulips (not literally), but I'm not sure she is all that interested in the beauty of the flowers, more like has a cat passed through here recently?

I liked how it looked like she was walking into the light here in this picture, surrounded by the gorgeous glowing purple wild flowers. (Mom has informed me that some of these wildflowers (like the purple ones) are actually weeds, but I still think the flowers are beautiful. As I'm neither a farmer nor a gardener and it's not my lawn, I can see the beauty in a weed with beautiful flowers on it.)

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