Monday, October 18, 2010

Art in the Square 10/2/10

Well, I did it to you again. I left you hanging for a few weeks waiting for a post from me and it just didn't happen. Seems like every time I get real busy, something has to give and for me, it is my blog (and also Frontierville). The only thing I do, even when I'm real busy, is play Zynga's Mafia Wars. I love that game. Probably because it doesn't involve using every single one of my fingers (and thumbs) poking various odd little buttons in sequences only savants can recall. This simply involves poking a button. I can poke a button all day long.

These pictures are from our booth at Art in the Square. It turned out to be a beautiful day and we had so many people coming through our booth (only in part because we set it up so people had to walk through our booth). We had a lot of sales (including the last 3 bird paintings I had painted) and it was our best show ever.

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