Thursday, May 27, 2010

We are back on our walking trail!!!

Our usual trail has now been opened for somewhere around two months!! Of course, for the first almost month of it being open, they were still working on finishing up things like planting new trees, cleaning up the mess they'd made, finishing up the little "rest" spots by adding benches, and just generally finishing up a big job. So, we could only go on the trail on the days we didn't see a lot of workers on it (due to the fact that when they back up with their little backhoes, etc., they make a high pitched beeping sound that Brownie does not like and anytime she heard it, it was straight back to our vehicle as fast as she could pull me/I could walk).

I didn't realize until now how starved I'd been for beauty. I guess to truly be well, I need beauty. I'd just taken a (figurative) breath and held it in for almost the year it took for them to finish and I'm slowly letting it out and realizing how much I need beauty to be truly happy. I knew I liked nature, but didn't realize I really craved the beauty of it until I let out the breath and began taking pictures again. Hadn't really realized I stopped taking pictures (because I wasn't finding beauty), but truthfully, I don't have many pictures from the past year.

So, they finally get the trail all nice and cleaned up and looking good, then last weekend a tornado comes through and damaged a lot of trees, etc. (and homes) in our area. Our block was completely bypassed, but a half a block in either direction and there was damage. (I have to give the praise to God as he is the only one who can make a storm/tornado/damaging hail go completely around us and I am grateful.)

So, the workers are back to cleaning up and taking out the damaged trees and re-planting some new ones, etc. I don't know how long this will take them to get completely cleaned up as the ice storm from two years ago that did terrible damage to the trees in the same area took them almost a year to clean up. Shoot, I'm just waiting for them to come in and mow as the grass is really growing in and is close to getting out of control, but I don't know if they are going to before July 1st. I heard on the news that they had a budget shortfall and it affected the mowing. Their fiscal years ends June 30th, so maybe they can afford to mow it after July 1st????

Who knows with this crazy city. Above are the pictures of our newly remodeled trail with the new tornado damage. And an FYI: the mushrooms ARE back!!!!

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